How do I book a return?

If your order is eligible for a return, please email [email protected]
or click on the ‘CONTACT US’ button in your TOSHI Delivery Confirmation email.

Can I change the time and location after my order has been confirmed?

Yes, simply email [email protected] or click on the ‘CONTACT US’ button in your TOSHI Order Confirmation email or the link in your TOSHI Order Confirmation text message.

For retail orders, same day rescheduling should be made before your TOSHI Assistant is en route.

For ecommerce orders, your next day order can be rescheduled up until 5pm the day before delivery.

What if I have questions about my order?

For any delivery-related matters, please email [email protected].

We are available 9am - 8pm, seven days per week, in London, and 9am - 8pm, Monday through Saturday in New York.

For all other order-related matters, including order cancellation, please contact the brand directly.

What areas do you cover?

TOSHI is currently covering London travel zones 1-6, Manhattan and Brooklyn.